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Redesignating California Schools to Watch

Resources to help you support your staff and maintain your Schools to Watch status


START EARLY! The application for redesignation in 2024 is available NOW!


Welcome, California Schools to Watch educators! 

Redesignate as a 2024 School to Watch

California Schools to Watch must redesignate every three years to share how they are making things better for all students and dealing with challenges that arise.

New Earlier Preferred Deadline for Redesignating Schools
As the program has grown, it has become necessary to review redesignation applications earlier in the year so we have time to meet the needs of all the great schools in the program. 

Please support our nonprofit (and get an early start on the redesignation process!) by submitting your redesignation application by April 14, 2023. If you need more time, you can still complete the application before the Fall deadline, September 15, 2023. However, please submit as soon as you comfortably can. 

First: Get the Application Instructions


Everything you need to submit your redesignation application is included in the instructions. Next, sign up for your school’s Self-Study Rating Rubric.


Now you’re ready to begin! Simplify things by taking your original application and updating it as needed. Redesignation is worth it. It keeps you current as a School to Watch and reminds staff members, students, and parents that they are part of something special.

Thank you for being part of this amazing statewide network of over 180 powerhouse schools!


Download Logos

High resolution California Schools to Watch logo (for banners, awards and wall paintings; this is an EPS file and you may not be able to open it, please forward it to your banner/mural company, it is needed for high resolution printing.)

Low resolution California Schools to Watch logo (for email signatures)

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