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California League of Esports is a Accredited Educational Experience!

Prepare your students for future jobs & engage them now with video game competition

Find out how to start your own team, club or camp!

Academic Esports

Boost student interest and school spirit by creating your own low-cost esports school team. Your team will practice playing popular video games like Hearthstone and Fortnite, and then battle other schools remotely in an epic California tournament clash!

Read the whitepaper! The Benefits of Academic Esports

Pathway Esports = Pathway to Success
Tap the Power of Academic Esports

Pathway Esports = Pathway to Success

Watch the Informative Webinar
Tap the Power of Academic Esports

Through the provided curriculum, your students will build skills that help prepare them for lucrative gaming and tech industry jobs.

Video Game


By joining the California League of Esports, you’ll get:

  • An academic toolkit with soup-to-nuts guidance on starting and running a team.

  • Opportunities for students to thrive and feel school spirit during COVID times.

  • Peer socialization during a time of isolation.

  • Unlimited participation--every student who wants to participate, can.

  • A California tournament system to give your students the excitement of competition.