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Teachers, you make our world go 'round 🌎

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and regardless of how you’re celebrating, we want you to know that your efforts are life-changing! Take a look around – your work can be seen everywhere.

Builders. Roofers. Carpenters. Electricians. Welders. Mechanics. All of these professions have a unique skill set in math, geometry, and science. They provide the necessities for life.

Engineers. Astronauts. Researchers. They all have an extensive understanding of math, science, critical thinking, and technology. Their work advances education, innovation, and life on Earth.

Moviemakers. Graphic Designers. Journalists. Performers. They specialize in the art of reading, writing, and fine arts. They provide entertainment to bring joy to every generation.

Financiers. Executives. Small Business Owners. They use problem-solving, communication skills, and time management. They provide for the everyday needs of individuals.

Police, Firefighters, Military. They use reading and writing, leadership skills, attention to detail, and selflessness to protect the citizens and our right to freedom every day.

Doctors. Nurses. Dentists. Veterinarians. These analytical thinkers require biology, anatomy, collaboration, and teamwork to help people and pets lead healthy and productive lives.

What do all these people have in common? Dreams and aspirations...all fueled by the hard work and dedication of their teachers. They couldn’t have done it without you.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you for all you do!


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