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Nurturing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Updated: Apr 22

National Student Leadership Week is April 22-26. Let's show our student leaders that their efforts and impact are valued and appreciated

Student Leaders

If your school's like most, you've got a solid bunch of students who've stepped up and embraced leadership roles. It could be your student council or standout leaders in school clubs.

These students go above and beyond to ensure that their schools' culture is vibrant and meaningful both inside and outside the classroom. They dedicate their time beyond regular class hours to organizing activities, collaborating with teachers and administrators, and crafting schoolwide decorations. In their efforts, student leaders strive to foster an inclusive atmosphere where all their peers feel welcomed.

But sometimes, their contributions and hard work can be overlooked. That's where National Student Leadership Week comes in.

NSLW is a weeklong celebration acknowledging and empowering the vital role of America’s young leaders. This recognition will occur April 22-26, 2024.

Wondering how educators can honor the dedication of their student leaders? We picked our five favorite ways from the National Association of Student Councils to celebrate their achievements at your schools.

Student Leader Appreciation Event. Recognize all student leaders who are involved in any leadership in your school; clubs, teams, etc. Schedule an awards ceremony, banquet, luncheon, or breakfast, and invite your principal, superintendent, school board, and even local elected officials or celebrities to honor your students and those who support them.

Morning announcements. Make a school-wide announcement about NSLW and the importance of student leadership for making positive change. Consider featuring one or more of your student leaders each day of NSLW. 

Student poll. Create and distribute a poll asking the student body about the most important problem facing the community and seeking their suggestions for solving it. Based on the results, draft a proposal for a year-long student-led volunteer project addressing the most popular issue.

Leadership wall. Create a “wall of leadership” where student leaders begin posting their acts of leadership and challenge their fellow students to do the same.

Community leader meet-and-greet. Invite your superintendent, local mayor, city council, or state representative to have a luncheon or meet-and-greet with your student leaders. Talk about the importance of student leadership within your community.

Let's remember the invaluable contributions of our student leaders who work tirelessly to shape vibrant and inclusive school communities. Despite their dedication, their efforts often go unnoticed. That's why National Student Leadership Week is so crucial—it's a chance to shine a spotlight on the remarkable work of these young leaders.


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