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Pressing Pause during the Holidays

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Step back, relax, and allow yourself time to rejuvenate by hitting the pause button on your busy life this holiday break. Amidst the joyous chaos, it’s crucial to carve out time for oneself, leaving work responsibilities at the school’s doorstep. Self-care is essential in this day and age, so be sure that you are scheduling time into each day for yourself, even if this means physically blocking off time on your calendar.

Digital Detox

All day long, we’re connected to technology, especially during school hours. Then, we step outside and pull out our smartphones. This holiday, designate a place in your house that is a tech-free zone and denote certain times a tech-free time. Rekindle joy from non-screen activities like reading, sipping a cup of coffee or tea, or just closing your eyes and breathing for ten minutes.

Rediscover Old Passions

Pull out the puzzles, break out the sewing, tune that guitar, or dust off that sports equipment. It’s time to get your hands or mind active with an old passion that brought you joy in the past. Anything you “used to love” that you don’t have time for anymore qualifies! Share this passion with a friend or family member to pay it forward!

Embrace the Outdoors

Start your day with a stroll, take an after-dinner jaunt, or just read while relaxing in the sun. Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients in our bodies and affects nearly every system. Just 10 minutes of sunlight a day on your bare skin will give your body the dose you need. During times when you enter the building while it’s dark and leave again in darkness, consider a supplement with natural foods rich in Vitamin D like egg yolk, yogurt, oranges, or salmon, or talk to your primary care provider about a supplement.

Watch for the Glimmer

“Trigger” is a word that permeates our culture these days, but did you know that it has an opposite? A glimmer! A glimmer is when you experience something with your senses that highlights a positive memory that your brain replays. This holiday season, embrace the glimmer. If you’re dealing with some stressful times, try to replace the trigger with a glimmer to continue your balanced calm and bring joy into every corner of your season.

Embrace the holiday spirit by indulging in whatever self-care speaks to you, allowing yourself to genuinely enjoy a well-deserved break. Hopefully, these will begin to be habits that can carry into the rest of your year to bring you glimmers of peace, joy, gratitude, and relaxation all year long.



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