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How Principal Visibility Benefits Staff and Students

Here are some ways how you can do it.

Remember when principals ruled from afar, their presence was a mystery to most. Now, picture a principal immersed in the daily school life, leading with familiarity and connection.

Who do you think has better school culture and academic performance?

By being a prominent figure, accessible, and engaged, principals can create an environment that nurtures not only academic growth but also personal development.

Being more visible requires time, dedication, and energy. So, how can you prioritize accessibility?

Here are our ideas.

Saying 'good morning' goes a long way. Effective principals arrive early and greet each arrival with a genuine 'good morning.' This small gesture goes a long way.

In fact, a study published in the Journal of Positive Behavior in 2018 found that positive greetings at the classroom door increased students' academic engagement by an impressive 20% and reduced disruptive behavior by 9%.

Seek out and be authentic in one-on-one interactions. Each week, select a teacher to have a one-on-one, authentic conversation.

What is an authentic conversation? An authentic conversation is a genuine exchange of thoughts and emotions, rooted in active listening and honest self-expression. These interactions build trust, deepen relationships, and foster genuine understanding, leading to better collaboration, and a more positive and supportive work environment.

Create a weekly newsletter for parents and a separate one for staff. Establishing effective home-to-school communication is important for improving school culture and performance. Developing a newsletter not only demonstrates your care for both staff and students but also reinforces your role as a leader.

Here's a pro tip: Finish the email by inviting parents and staff to share any questions or feedback. This encourages open dialogue and strengthens the community's involvement in the educational process.

In this evolving landscape, let's commit to being leaders who not only lead but also connect, inspire, and elevate every member of our school community. Together, we'll build a path to excellence in education.



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