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Educator spotlight: The AppLab

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

By Corey Coble,

7th Grade Science Teacher,

Creekview Ranch K-8, Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District

My spotlight moment occurred during an AppLab session at the CLS Tech Conference in Monterey. There is something really special about the AppLab in Monterey. Not only does it offer an amazing view of Monterey Bay, but the idea that educators at a conference can come up and tinker, play, and learn in an environment that is facilitated instead of lead, is pretty amazing.

One of the days during the conference I had a chance to facilitate some time on coding in the AppLab. I brought a number of coding items that I have used in my clubs with students from 2nd to 8th grade. It was fun to have teachers playing with Sphero’s, MakeyMakey devices, and other online apps.

The best part about this opportunity was when my then 8 year old son came to the AppLab and helped out. Teachers in the AppLab had a chance to watch an actual student use these tools. This was the start of “Kids of CLS” movement. Since then, my son and I have presented on using technology in the classroom. He wouldn’t have the confidence to do this if it wasn’t for CLS Monterey. I look forward to more of these experiences for both myself and other educators all over California.



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