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AI Tech in the Classroom - Part 3

Save Time with These 5 AI Tools for Teachers

In today's fast-paced educational landscape, teachers are constantly on the lookout for innovative tools to streamline their workflow and maximize efficiency. Meet five of the best time-saving AI tools tailored for educators and tested by educators. 

These cutting-edge solutions promise to transform classroom management, lesson planning, grading, and student engagement, allowing teachers to focus more on delivering high-quality education and less on time-consuming tasks. Students can also use these tools to enhance, individualize, and personalize their educational experience.

ClassPoint was designed for teachers to allow effortless question generation from any PowerPoint presentation, and then turn those questions into an interactive quiz with a variety of question types. Free for teachers, you can maximize the knowledge in your slides to create a worksheet or even a mastery-based test.

Canva Magic Design enables you to create AI-generated engaging images to support your lessons, while the regular Canva platform opens a world of creativity for you and your students. You can create anything from handouts to videos to presentations within the free Canva app, including LMS integration for most platforms. Teachers can get verified for a FREE account!

MagicSchool partners with over 2K schools and districts worldwide to make lesson planning a breeze. By supporting differentiation, IEP creation, clear communication, and collaboration, MagicSchool enables teachers to focus on their students while still creating quality materials—and students can use its tools, too! Just watch your high school students prep for SATs with MagicSchool!

Fetchy empowers educators by being their own personal assistant while promoting collaboration and connection through its platform. This adaptive platform offers support from creating permission slips to emails to parents, newsletter creation to volunteer sign-ups. It allows you to dive deeper into a subject area and come back out with lesson plans and experiments to support classroom learning…and more!

Speechify presents an entertaining way to support students who do better with aural skills. A simple photo can create text-to-speech in a variety of AI-generated voices, including several celebrities who have donated their iconic tones to this platform. Imagine your lesson read by Snoop Dogg, Gweneth Paltrow, or Mr. Beast!

Discover how AI can enhance your teaching experience, leaving you with more time for what truly matters: your students!


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