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10 Twitter accounts to follow

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

With these influencers, you'll be the first to know about the latest and greatest skills you can use in and out of the classroom.


At California League of Schools, we're big fans of connecting high-powered educators and providing timely access to robust teaching resources. That's why we feel Twitter is a fantastic way to level up your skills and network with teachers from around the world.

The platform has developed into a hotspot for advice, strategies, and discussions pertaining to education. It is an excellent way to develop professional relationships and access a plethora of tools to use at your school site.

Here are 10 accounts we think you should follow:

1. We Are Teachers - This group of former educators posts fun and useful articles tweets that would be interesting to any teacher.

2. Teacher2Teacher - The goal of this account is to link educators from around the world. They are incredibly engaging and frequently offer useful content for teachers.

3. EdSurge - A wonderful account to follow for everything educational technology related! They provide the best resources for teachers and are consistently up to date.

4. California League of Schools - We couldn’t forget about ourselves! We strive to share the latest and trending articles in education so you can be your best as an educator.

5. Sanchez Terrell - Sanchez Terrell is an incredible powerhouse speaker and author who uses technology to improve learning.

6. Education Week - Education Week is the most comprehensive source of news, analysis, and opinion on all things related to education. They prioritize K–12 education and have excellent content worth reading and sharing.

7. Jennifer Williams - Williams is a professor at Saint Leo University in Florida and co-founder of Calliope Global Education Initiatives. She gets people talking about education around the world, creativity, and professional growth. She also runs the Twitter chat #peekachat, where people talk about things like self-care, social-emotional learning, and play.

8. BoredTeachers - Take a break from being serious and get a rip-roaring laugh from the team at BoredTeachers!

9. TeacherToolKit - This UK-based team aims to connect teachers across the world to the best tools and communities for educator success.

10. Edutopia - Edutopia is a website at the forefront of meaningful insights into the best teaching practices. Their Twitter account is filled with gems on the latest teaching strategies.

Did we miss anyone? Share your favorite accounts to follow by posting and tagging us on Twitter.



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