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Region 8

High School

TeDese Ross

Canyon Oaks High School

Monrovia Unified School District

TeDese Ross always goes above and beyond to help the most at-risk students to believe in themselves, gain trust in school/staff and to prepare for life after high school. On a daily basis, he goes the extra mile to not only make sure the students understand all subject areas but are also receiving the necessary support to be healthy socially and emotionally. TeDese is an athletic, charismatic, sincere, and experienced educator with a wealth of knowledge. He is a team player who never complains, and never criticizes or condemns, just brings a positive vibe of peace and motivation to both staff and students.

Willow Gramlich, Legacy Visual and Performing Arts High School; Debbie Braham, Canoga Park High School; Luis Rendon, Marshall Fundmntal Secondary School; Martha Valenica, Pueblo de Los Angeles High School; Michael Turner, Chatsworth Charter High School; Michelle Fortune, Narbonne High School; Stefnie Evans, ArTES Magnet High School; Evie Ochoa, Monrovia High School

State High School Educator of the Year

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