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Region 4

Middle School

Sarah Sain

J. Douglas Adams Middle School

Brentwood Unified School District

Sarah Sain carries a momentum about her that sweeps kids up and into the world of mathematics. Even the most reluctant of learners is drawn into her vortex. She is a transformative educator, someone who takes kids to new levels of success in a subject that often has them running for the door and grinding their teeth in frustration. Students leave her class, at the end of the year, confident in their ability to navigate the ocean of mathematical thought and clear on the purpose and application of that thinking in the real world. Sarah is a top-flight educator who demonstrates a level of professional mastery that far exceeds her years in the classroom.

Rob Alexander, Canyon Middle School; Dan Hung, Parkway Heights Middle School; Alicia Kirchner, Edna Hill Middle School; Anne Martin, Westborough Middle School; Garine Panossian, KZV Armenian School; Don Paxman, John Muir Middle School; Amanda Ryan, William B. Bristow Middle School; Mark Sand, Creekside Middle School

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