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Region 5

Middle School

Sarah LeDuff

Alum Rock Middle School

Downtown College Prep

Sarah LeDuff has been one of the most hardworking educators since the moment she was hired. Her most recognizable trait is her dedication to students. Sarah truly cares about students beyond their academics. When students are having personal issues, she is the first that they confide in. She puts in the effort to know and love her students. Ultimately, this trust is the foundation to ensure that all students feel safe. Sarah has found that positive relationships with students is important as they become vulnerable to take on academic challenges and rigorous curriculum.

Virginia Barrera, Martin Murphy Middle School; Shelley Crocker, Dartmouth Middle School; Lonny Lovins, Aptitude Community Academy at Goss; Kim O’Brien, Union Middle School; Pennie Perkins, Rancho Milpitas Middle School

State Middle School Educator of the Year

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