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Region 7

Middle School

Kim Blasingame

Reyburn Intermediate School

Clovis Unified School District

Kim Blasingame is an extraordinary PE teacher who connects with students and truly inspires them to enjoy exercising. With her innovative teaching style, she is determined to encourage ALL students to succeed reaching their “healthy fitness zone.” As a model teacher, Kim is a catalyst for change in student-teacher interactions. Her passion and commitment to improving physical achievement is second to none. She also takes time to peel back the layers to understand each student. She provides an exceptionally supportive environment and recognizes that homelife plays a factor into how students succeed. Kim is a teacher-leader who influences everyone around her with motivation and encouragement.

Kelley Dow, Liberty Middle School; Rick Eoff, Clark Intermediate School; Anukina Garrison, Kastner Intermediate School; Matthew Gerking, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School; Robin Ingram, Alta Sierra Intermediate School; Tisha Jett, Fairmont Elementary School; Jewely Lickey, Sanger Academy Charter School; Bryana Moreno, Granite Ridge Intermediate School; Michelle Orelup, Kings Canyon Middle School

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