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Region 12

Middle School

Ames Harris

Los Osos Middle School

Ames Harris is a relentless advocate for social equity at Los Osos Middle School. In her humanities classroom and across the school and district she is a courageous voice for underrepresented students. She is the first in the district to try out new strategies to strengthen the district Designated ELD model, ensuring all students are served in a rigorous instructional model. She serves on the district Equity Team, has spearheaded an inclusive LBGTQ+ Club at her school, and has grown staff understanding about gender spectrum. At the heart of her work is a commitment to creating a school where all students belong.

Robert Boss, Paulding Middle School; Annie Cline, Templeton Middle School; Suzanne Hoier, Daniel Lewis Middle School; Lauren Kutler, Lompoc Valley Middle School; Rebecca Lincoln, Laguna Middle School; Denise Moore, Atascadero Middle School; Danielle Narzisi, Santa Lucia Middle School; Karen Richmond, Judkins Middle School

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