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Arlie F. Hutchinson Middle School

Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District

Los Angeles County

Arlie F. Hutchinson Middle School

Designated 2020

Redesignated: 2023

Jenny Bae, Principal

13900 Estero Road, La Mirada, CA 90638

Community: Urban. Enrollment: 680. Grade Levels: 6-8. School Schedule: All students have at least six periods per day, with an optional zero period to participate in a second elective.

Free/reduced lunch: 52%. Students with disabilities: 10%. English learners: 5%.

  • The master schedule allows daily common planning time for content- and grade-level teams.

  • The STEM portion of STEAM learning includes courses such as environmental and structural engineering, automation and robotics, and medical detectives; arts courses include choir, guitar, band, wind ensemble, and orchestra.

  • Electives are self-selected by students and progressive in challenge and rigor as students matriculate through all three grades with pathways for STEM/Project Lead The Way, performing arts, academics, and leadership.

  • A staff-created academic discourse rubric increases rigor for verbal and written communication.

  • Parent engagement is a priority: parenting seminars, partnerships with the city for transportation and classes taught at the school, an on-site YMCA after-school program, and parent communication software are available.

  • Students’ social-emotional skills are built through staff and peer mentoring; training in growth mindset, organization, and goal setting; and interviews at the end of 8thgrade with community members.

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