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California Schools to Watch is a statewide program implemented by the California League
of Educators, California Department of Education, California Middle Grades Alliance, National Forum, and the California Schools to Watch model schools.
Walnut Grove Intermediate School

Designated 2024

West Covina Unified School District

Los Angeles County

Bhavini Bhakta, Principal

614 East Vine Avenue, West Covina, CA, USA

(626) 919-7018

School Characteristics

School Demographics

Replicable Practices

  • Regular Check-ins with Students: Taking time to check in individually with students allows teachers to provide support, address concerns, and build strong relationships, fostering a positive learning environment.

  • Clear Behavior Expectations: Establishing clear behavior expectations and consistently enforcing them creates a structured and safe learning environment for all students.

  • Positive Reinforcement: Using praise, rewards, and acknowledgment for good behavior reinforces positive conduct and motivates students to continue making positive choice

  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum: Integrating SEL curriculum into lessons helps students develop self-awareness, empathy, and responsible decision-making skills, contributing to a positive school culture and academic success.

  • Hands-On Learning: Incorporating hands-on activities and experiential learning opportunities engage students and deepens their understanding of academic concepts.

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