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Top concerns teachers have and five ways to fix them

Updated: Feb 15, 2022


Teaching can be rewarding, but it's also challenging, and never more so than now, during COVID-19.

How do you navigate the pressures of teaching through a pandemic while being the best you can for your students? Here are some of the top problems you may face as a teacher and what you can do about it:

Teaching students with learning disabilities. There's a growing population of students with disabilities seeking services from schools. As a classroom teacher, try to make sure you have a relationship with students and their parents. It also helps to establish a relationship with the supervisor of the individualized education plan (IEP).

Lack of administrative support. Teachers become frustrated when there is a lack of connection between the classroom and administrators. What can leadership do? Start by supporting teachers with their discipline efforts and have an open-door policy to support common challenges.

Lack of professional development. Teachers need support for a rapidly changing educational landscape. When administrators place the right teachers in proper training, their morale and commitment improve.

Poor student behavior. Poor behavior is often the result of not having structure, clear expectations, rules, and procedures in and out of the classroom. Reduce behavioral issues by designing a robust discipline plan, creating student-centered expectations, and rewarding positive behavior. We suggest checking out PBIS resources.

Unengaged students. Ineffective lesson planning and classroom management increase the likelihood of unengaged students.

  • Are your teaching strategies appropriate for your students' levels of ability?

  • Do they have time for reflection and individual practice?

  • Are there multiple opportunities to learn by interacting with the content in various ways?


What are some other challenges teachers face in and out of the classroom? Let us know by sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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