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Top 10 things to do during spring break

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Finalizing your gradebook is not one of them


Spring Break for most California school districts is either here or fast approaching. If you’ve been busy like us, then chances are you forgot to plan something other than your next parent conference. Here are 10 things you can do to maximize your time and enjoyment during spring break.

  1. Just chill. Wake up, make coffee, cozy up with a book or watch tv, and enjoy the beautiful weather.

  2. Read that book. The one you’ve had sitting on your nightstand for the last three months.

  3. Soak up some vitamin D. Actually take all your vitamins and then some. Spring break is a good time to catch up on self-care. Schedule that massage you’ve been dying for, take your vitamins, and get a healthy dose of the outdoors. Did someone say beach day?

  4. Spend time with your favorite people (or fur babies). This may sound like a no-brainer, but take advantage of free events in your area. Switch it up a little and get out. Hit up the dog park with Toto, a splash pad with your mini-me, or take a painting class with your BFF.

  5. Take a hike. Before you leave, download a few apps that can answer all your questions about the trail, the nature you encounter and even the constellations you might see. Don’t want to research the best apps? We’ve got you covered: Check out iNaturalist, Skyview Lite, and Cairn.

  6. Take on the town. Sure, sitting home is nice, but when’s the last time you’ve gotten dressed up and gone out? Try a new restaurant, catch a comedy show or watch a new release in one of those theaters with comfy recliners.

  7. Plan a staycation. You don’t need an airline to take you to amazing places. There’s a world of things to do here right in your own backyard. Concerts, museums, flea markets, Broadway on Tour - need we say more?

  8. Fit in what you can’t get in. No, we aren’t recommending a diet. But have you been putting off that oil change your car desperately needs? That teeth cleaning you just can’t seem to get to Monday through Friday? Want to treat yourself to a new pair of eyeglasses? Call now and set up those appointments before all the good time slots are gone.

  9. Make your break last. We get it, Spring Break is supposed to be a break, but you can make it last even after it’s over by setting yourself up for success. Spending a day making a plan can also clear your mind mentally. Pick out what you’re going to wear for the week you return to work, how you will fit food and water into your week, and perhaps what materials you might need to engage students during lessons.

  10. Forgive yourself. As teachers sometimes we tend to feel guilty for not working or putting in the time to give our best to the students. It’s ok to relax, it’s called a break for a reason, remember? Now give yourself one.

What are we missing? What are you doing for Spring Break? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!



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