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Taking care of teachers in the pandemic

Here are three ways schools can support staff members now


➡️Retired teachers coming back into the classroom

➡️Kids teaching classes

➡️Administrators filling in for missing teachers

Does this sound like your school? It’s a phenomenon happening nationwide, and California is not immune.

When it comes to assisting leaders and teachers in navigating the everyday unpredictability of staffing during the pandemic, it’s important to remember to put people first during these times when educators must make do with fewer resources.

Here are three ways to help educators during the pandemic:

1. Be flexible with deadlines and policies. Administrators can help teachers by offering some needed breathing room. This may come in the form of relaxing collaborative planning requirements or increasing teacher prep time.

2. Provide resources and support. From help with lesson plans to emotional support and listening to (and acting upon) teacher feedback, administrators and teacher leaders can help colleagues feel seen, heard, and cared for.

3. Communicate often. Keep educators in the loop about what’s happening in the school and throughout the district. Sometimes just knowing the facts helps alleviate anxiety and gives educators the information they need to make the best decisions for students.

What are some other ways we can navigate these challenging times? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram.


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