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Knowing Your Worth in the New Year

While gym memberships and meal plans may be the standard fare for New Year’s resolutions, this year, let’s take a different approach and consider the value of our time. In education, we know that qualitative results often top our list of desirables, but they must be quantitative to make it on our objectives list. And nothing’s more quantitative than the dollar bill!

This year, let’s pivot and consider exactly how much our free time is worth by assigning our vices a charge. Free isn’t always free - there’s a cost to the time that we spend scrolling, but to what end? Let’s evaluate how you spend your time in a world where time is money.

Social Media

While all social media platforms are currently free to join, imagine what would happen if they suddenly decided to charge. Would you commit and pay the monthly fee? How much would be too much? Now consider the time you’re already spending on social media each day, and further subdivide that time into productivity and thumb-flicks. We all use social to stay informed and get inspo for our profession, but the darker side exists. How much would you spend for time on social media?


The same concept applies here. We gain educational value from much of what we watch on TV and streaming services, but that eye-glaze effect happens when we delve into other realms. If you’re trying to destress in the evenings, TV doesn’t even touch the top ways to serve your body via relaxation. How much would you spend on TV time? Chances are, you’re already footing a monthly bill, so leverage that time wisely.


What would you say if I told you the easiest ways to destress your body require the least amount of time? You don’t need a gym membership, you don’t need a personal trainer, and you don’t need additional financial stress. Staying hydrated, practicing deep breathing, and reframing negative thoughts are free and immediately effective.

What is your time worth this New Year? Value your time and yourself by leveraging your free time into positivity.


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