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California League of Schools and Mastery Coding team up to launch esports league

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Los Angeles, CA -- California League of Schools, in partnership with Mastery Coding™, presents the California League of Esports - an esports league and annual tournament for middle and high schools across the state.

Esports is hugely popular, appeals to a wide range of students, requires just one certificated or classified staff member to implement, and offers a low-cost and safe way to build excitement, school spirit, and student engagement during remote learning and social distancing.

The first competition will take place on January 23 and 24, 2021. Participating schools will receive Mastery Coding’s Pathway Esports™ curriculum, gaining soup-to-nuts guidance on how to start and run an esports team and maximize students’ college and career opportunities in this growing billion-dollar industry.

The California League of Esports aims to establish esports teams in dozens of schools. The benefits of esports range from improved problem-solving skills and academic performance increased student involvement -- particularly among those who have never participated in any other team sport.

“The multi-billion-dollar gaming industry offers career opportunities in software design, advertising, accounting, graphic design and so much more,” said Alan Sitomer, a California Teacher of the Year Award winner and CEO of Mastery Coding. “That’s why we’ve built an academic esports toolkit that channels students’ passion for gaming into deep, meaningful, standards-based education. It’s a win for the schools, a win for the teachers, and most significantly, a win for the kids.”

Recommended for grades 7-12, Pathway Esports™ requires no prior esports experience to succeed. Delivered via a proprietary platform, this one-stop-shop toolkit guides schools through the steps of recruiting a coach and team members, as well as preparing for the big leagues. Along the way, students gain invaluable teamwork and leadership skills and opportunities to grow their passion for gaming into real-world college and career pathways.

Interested schools can sign up to participate in the California League of Esports at www.leagueofschools/esports.

Mastery Coding Boilerplate: Mastery Coding creates career-ready coding courses for K-12 schools. They offer a pathway to college and career success, teaching students the skills they need to thrive in the digital workforce.

California League of Schools Boilerplate: For 40 years, California League of Schools has helped K-12 educators improve learning for all students through useful, evidence-based professional development and other resources.


Marketing Director, Mastery Coding


Director of Innovation, California League of Schools



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