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CLS names new executive director

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

California League of Schools Names Cathy Perry as Executive Director

California League of Schools (CLS) announced Cathy Perry has been named executive director of the nonprofit organization effective July 1, 2020, marking the first time the organization’s board has selected a leader who is female and Mexican-American. Cathy has been a member of the CLS staff for nearly three decades, and most recently served as assistant executive director. She takes the helm following Scott Steele, who retired after serving as executive director from 2015 to 2020.

“Cathy Perry has consistently demonstrated her ability to help guide CLS to where it needs to go, and we are so excited to welcome her to her new role as executive director,” said Martinex Kedziora, Ed.D., chairman of the California League of Schools Board of Trustees. “Her financial savvy has ensured CLS will survive the challenges of COVID-19. The innovations she is planning for new CLS products and services will transform how we help K-12 teachers and administrators better serve students.”

A new vision for CLS

As assistant executive director for CLS, part of Perry’s role involved shepherding new ideas to fruition. In that capacity, she guided staff members in shifting the nonprofit from delivering short, in-person events to providing a mix of deeper learning options such as remote learning, remote coaching, and STEAM certifications, which give educators the time they need to brainstorm, implement, and refine new techniques and ideas.

She plans to continue diversifying meaningful learning options so CLS can support educators during the trying times of COVID-19 and beyond.

For 40 years, California League of Schools has helped K-12 educators improve learning for all students through useful, evidence-based professional development and other resources.


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