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California League of Esports is an Official accredited educational experience

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

After returning from the AMAZING CLS conference in Monterey, California League of Esports was notified that it had just earned the prestigious honor of being identified as a accredited educational experience.

For conference attendees who attended our esports session, they discovered how our academic esports curriculum:

  • Aligns to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math standards

  • Includes a robust, research-based SEL curricula

  • Supports the development of student's 21st Century Skills

  • Engages students through hands-on learning and collaboration

  • Prioritizes equity and access for students from all backgrounds

  • Provides career exploration opportunities for high-paying jobs and post-secondary pathways

Summer Clubs and Camps: We Provide the Instructor

Allow your students to follow their passion for gaming down productive STEM pathways like coding, software design, entrepreneurship, engineering and more.

  • Tactics, Tips & Tricks: AMONG US

  • SocietyCraft: MINECRAFT CLUB

  • Pathway Esports: OVERWATCH CLUB



This virtual STEM course engages students and teaches them critical skills. Our project-based modules enable learners to become proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript all within a remote classroom environment.

  • No prior coding experience necessary

  • Highly engaging

  • Dynamic, Interactive & Cross-Disciplinary

  • Facilitators need no CS teaching experience

We provide the Summer Programs you need aligned to the funding guidelines you’ve been provided.

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