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A 21st-Century Valentine’s Day - Activities for All

Gone are the days of in-class mailboxes with exclusive valentine cards and treats. Modern Valentine’s celebrations should focus on the aspect of friendship and love as it pertains to school culture as a whole. This year, invite your students to brainstorm inclusive ways that everyone can celebrate Valentine’s together without worrying about sugar content, name spelling, and purchasing cards, at the classroom and school level.

Lots of classrooms are getting in on the fun with a day filled with Valentine’s-themed activities that give everyone a chance to revel in classroom friendship. Give your students the chance to think of some ideas on their own, but have some bigger ones ready in your back pocket. Ask them questions like, “What activities could we do that would celebrate friendship?” and “What are some Valentine’s-themed activities everyone could participate in?” In the meantime, get your prep-work done for some larger celebratory activities.

Door-Decorating Spectacular

Involve your entire school with a class door-decorating spectacular. Invite each classroom to design their own themed door based on friendship and love. Give them a specific category or choose a Valentine’s poem or quote as inspiration. Post pics online to let the community see your school spreading the love.

Study the Human Heart

Go next-level science with an in-depth study of the human body - specifically, the heart. What makes our heart actually tick? How does the heart influence the rest of the body? What are some myths that people had in the past about the heart? Why did people shape the commercial hearts like they did when our actual hearts are more fist-shaped? It can be informative and fun all at the same time!

Personified Poetry

Get literary with love poetry - from inanimate objects and animals or organisms. Incorporate your current units of study for an extra element of fun. What would an electron write to a neutron? What would a rabbit write to a carrot? Or go a step further with a mismatched pair - like a fly falling in love with a wall! It’s sure to tickle funny bones and provide mastery of figurative language.

Take a different approach to love with alternative and curricular activities that support friendship and love throughout your school.


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