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Region 10

High School

Mike Hammers

Mammoth Unified School District

Mr. Hammers has brought music back to life at MUSD. He covers all three school sites, and he makes music accessible and enjoyable for students of all ages. His recitals and performances are always polished and professional. It is clear that his love and respect for music translates into his teaching; his students share these same principles of professionalism, respect for, and a genuine love of music. I do not know anyone who works as hard for our students, or who sacrifices more of their own personal time to ensure that students are given opportunities outside of school to grow as musicians, but more so, as scholars and people. Because of his commitment and rapport with the students, he has been successful in building a well-loved and respectable music program at MUSD. He invests his life into our kids, and he deserves to be recognized for his efforts.

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