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Region 6

High School

Matthew Soderlund

Gregori High School

Modesto City Schools

Matthew Soderlund has been a teacher at Gregori High School since its inaugural year in 2010. He has made a positive impact as a math teacher and cross-country coach. His classroom and sports field are positive and interactive environments. As soon as students or players meet Matthew, they know right away they’re cared about at the deepest level. Additionally, his humor is magnetic for students and athletes. He works diligently to make sure his students receive a top-notch education. His professionalism in the classroom, or as a coach, is unmatched, and he is a shining example of all that is great about public education.

Matt Rosengarth Turlock High School ;Cristina Abarran, Johansen High School; Jessica Valerio, Enochs High School; Shelly Coito, Modesto High School; Elizabeth Jesberg, Downey High School; Dustin Curtiss, Pitman High School; Randi Smith, Beyer High School; Tim Garcia, Davis High School; Alberto Perez, Turlock Adult School; Gerald Jarvis, Eliott Alternative Education Center; Joel Bernard, Hughson High School

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