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Region 8

Middle School

Mario Nakakihara

Patrick Henry Middle School

Los Angeles Unified School District

Mario Nakakihara always steps up to be available for his students’ academic and social needs. He is their classroom teacher, counselor, advisor, and coach. As a middle school educator, he ensures that he gets to know his students and finds resources and avenues to help them so they can focus on their academic growth. Mario has a quiet and gentle demeanor. He, simultaneously, provides a structured learning environment and consistently demonstrates leadership in implementing educational reforms which improves his students’ achievement. He models lessons and professionalism for new teachers and spends countless hours planning lessons infused with creativity.

Grasanci Acosta, Burbank Middle School; Annie Cadiz, Bret Harte Preparatory Middle School; Robert Drew, Clifton Middle School; Fayth Keldgord-Goddard, Olive Vista MS & STEAM Magnet; Jessica Maker-Bilandzija, Marshall Fundamental Secondary School; Donna Monje, Santa Fe Computer Science Magnet School; Cristina Velezquez, South Gate Middle School

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