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Region 11

Middle School

Linda Takacs

Rancho Starbuck Intermediate

Lowell Joint School District

Mrs. Takacs’ office has pictures and sculptures of lighthouses. Lighthouses were built to guide, protect, and are huge lighted landmarks that warned sailors of jagged rocks and shallow waters. Mrs. Takacs is a lighthouse. She is that beacon of light that exposes the dangers and shows the way. Her vision and tenacity have created a passion for success that has changed the lives of thousands of students for over forty -three years. She is the creator of the REACH Program - Responsibility, Effort, Attitude, Character, and Honor. She also organized REACH Circle, a mentoring program designed to pair teachers and staff with at risk students, where they meet monthly as a social and service group. Mrs. Takacs is passionate about every student believing in themselves and their own worth.

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