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Region 8

Middle School

Leslie Mische

Hawthorne Middle School

Hawthorne School District

Leslie Mische has been an exemplary lead language arts teacher at Hawthorne Middle School since 2018. Her ability to effectively translate state standards to suit the school's diverse student population showcases her pedagogical skills. With degrees from Skidmore and Pepperdine, including journalism studies, Ms. Mische's lessons are exemplary and utilized by her colleagues. A collaborative team player, she works seamlessly with the ELA coach and other 8th-grade teachers. During the pandemic, Leslie created instructional videos and assisted fellow teachers in adapting to new tech platforms, reflecting her proactive approach to professional development. Her philanthropic contributions to student-related causes demonstrate a commitment to the broader school community. Ms. Mische's dedication, leadership, and innovative teaching methods contribute significantly to our educational environment.

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