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Region 1

High School

Kelly Cramer

Roseland University Prep

Roseland School District

Kelly Cramer joined Roseland University Prep in 2013. She is innovative, creative, smart, and always on the cutting edge of content and instruction strategies. Her relationship with students is respectful, encouraging and close. She is often the person they choose to confide in, and she is more than willing to be there for students in any way she can. She has created Roseland’s GSA club and helps support acceptance and safety schoolwide. Roseland’s Student Government and Leadership is what it is because of Kelly and her endless energy and enthusiasm. From senior/freshmen buddies to dances to clubs and rallies, Kelly does it all with a smile.

Rebeca Martinez-Chavez, Casa Grande High School; Julie Natalini, Montgomery High School; Jerry Deakins, Maria Carrillo High School; Casey Elsa, Santa Rosa High School; Paul Fleischer, Elsie Allen High School; Julie Peterich Ridgway High School

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