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Region 1

Middle School

Elizabeth DeVinny

Eagle Peak Middle School

Ukiah Unified School District

Elizabeth DeVinny is a once-in-a-generation teaching talent: relentlessly hard-working, passionate, loving, creative, and energetic. When the Redwood Complex Fire hit her community hard two years ago, taking the homes of many of the students and taking the life of one, Elizabeth was there to counsel and support her students during this time. She helped muster resources and donations for student fire victims. The students were asked to name one item they lost in the fire that they really missed, and Elizabeth helped network resources to replace those items for each and every student.

Kathryn Coursey, Windsor Middle School; Mary Dobkowitz, Burns Valley School; Jennifer Dominguez, Lawrence Cook Middle School; Meaghan King, Herbert Slater Middle School; John Lundblad, Hilliard Comstock Middle School; Rob Ruddell, Mary Collins Charter School at Cherry Valley; Julianne Ryan, Adele Harrison Middle School; Nate Sheedy, Santa Rosa Middle School; Laurel VarnBuhler, Rincon Valley Middle School

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