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Region 3

Middle School

Dana Smith

Andrew Carnegie Middle School

San Juan Unified School District

Dana Smith has been at Carnegie Middle School for over 25 years, first as a student and now as a teacher. He has supported over 4,000 students throughout the years, not only as a classroom teacher, but as a coach. Dana has continued to better himself by obtaining a master's degree in positive coaching allowing him to have an even further, more positive outreach to the community. He now offers training to district coaches, parents, and athletes. Dana is definitely an amazing educator.

Aimee Bradley, Toby Johnson Middle School; Rebecca Long, California Middle School; Vanessa Mediano, Joseph Kerr Middle School; Lakeysha Puckering, Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle School; Michelle Trumbull, Katherine L. Albiani Middle School; Travis Wardlaw, Harriet Eddy Middle School

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