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Region 10

Middle School

Bea Smith

Nicolet Middle School

Banning Unified School District

Bea Smith has 33 years in education, at BUSD as NMS teacher. She is one of the most caring, dedicated, compassionate, and hardworking teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Mrs. Smith has long lasting relationships with several of her former students. She has flown out to graduations and other events to celebrate with former students. She tells her students that she loves them every day. During distance learning she has put together care packages for all of her 150 students and delivered them to their houses! She helps students and adults (like me) see the best in themselves. She is kind, classy, polite, proper, and one of the most amazing people I have met in my life. She has embraced change and taken on the challenges of learning new technologies and setting the example for her colleagues. Her attitude is always positive, and she strives to give her very best every day and with every task. I have worked at two different districts, four different schools, with 100s of different teachers. Mrs. Smith is a rare one of kind teacher that we wish we can replicate into a million of her. She is the type of person who impacts lives just by being in her presence. She is humble and selfless. I cannot imagine another middle school educator more worthy of this recognition. Please consider Mrs. Bea Smith for this year's educator of the year award.

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