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Region 10

Middle School

Anthony Wilson

Badger Springs Middle School

Moreno Valley Unified School District

Anthony Wilson personifies what it means to be an Educator of the Year. He has a great heart for the students he works with, but is also a vital leader on campus, helping to exact change throughout the school. Anthony has an innate talent for working with Special Education students. He has the perfect balance of being a caring role model, while implementing structure and high expectations for students. He is adept at building the kind of lasting relationships with students and their families that has them coming back to visit with news of college, careers, and new families.

Trisha Baca, Twentynine Palms Junior High; Veronica Capta, Jurupa Middle School; Jessica Dykes, Acacia Middle School; Tom Ellis, Elsinore Middle School; Alisa Jara-Williamson, Colton Middle School; Kim Kamborian, San Gorgonio Middle School; Jeremy Kavanac, Gardner Middle School; Amy Lewis, Kucera Middle School; Tanya McPherson, Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School; Christine Pollitt, Matthew Gage Middle School; Valerie Vera-Mineer, Canyon Hills Junior High School

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