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Region 9

High School

Alissa Sculthorpe

Montecito High School

Ramona Unified School District

Alissa Sculthorpe is excellent at building rapport with people, which results in positive outcomes when she is counseling students. Alissa takes the time to have a personal relationship with everyone and sincerely cares about the people she has contact with on campus. Every day she brings a positive attitude and a great sense of humor to the school. In her psychologist role, she is the key person on campus when a student is in crisis, not just in knowing what to say, but because she also has the experience to follow all the laws and rules. She helps students and staff every day and is someone who will help with any issues that arise on campus.

Kate Amos, Serra High School; Lynnne Pinkerton, Mountain Valley Academy; Tamima Noorzay, Preuss School UCSD

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